Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance: we may assist you to structure the management bodies of your companies in such a way as to ensure the legality and enforceability.

Trust Formation

Trust Formation: we may assist you in all legal and practical aspects of drafting the Trust Deed, designing the best structure of the trust and its management, and ensure that your trust is both legally valid and that your wishes are  fully  enforceable.

Commercial Contracts, Shareholders Agreements and Joint Venture Agreements

Commercial Contracts, Shareholders Agreements and Joint Venture Agreements: we may prepare for you the commercial contracts that would protect the interests of your business. Moreover, we may advise you on the ways to protect your interests, draft the shareholders’ or joint venture agreement to make sure that you and your partners agree on all material aspects of your business cooperation and propose a number of dispute resolution options.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions: we may advise you on the possible ways to structure your acquisition or sale , the methods to minimize your commercial risks in the transaction, and assist you to draft, negotiate, execute and file all required documents to make sure that the transaction is legally valid and completed.

Ship Registration

Ship Registration: we may assist you register your pleasure yacht or your business ship under your flag of choice.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property: we may assist you to registers and protect your business brand by applying for trademark registration in Cyprus. Europe and even worldwide.